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Topog AARs

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Note:  Underlined months have reports posted, others will be posted as reports are made in the future. 

January 2004

Ian McKay, Bvt. Lt. Col.
Coastal / Riverine Engineering Detachment
Mapping Office, Army of the Potomac
U.S. Corps of Topographical Engineers


Don Erickson, Capt.
U.S. Corps of Topographical Engineers

General U.S. Grant;
All Federal Armies

B. Burbank, Brig. General;
New England Federal Brigade

Esteemed Sirs;

I beg your kind indulgence to lay before you my report of the Annual Topographical Engineers Meeting of the Coastal/ Riverline Detachment under my command.

The meeting was held on the 14th ultimo of February at my place of residenc=

e in Ledyard CT.


1.----Topog Officers:

---Ian McKay, Lt. Col. -- Unit Cdr.;

---Richard Myers, Capt. -- Adj. and Deputy Cdr.;

---Wayne LaFleur, 1st Lt.--Sr. Field Engr.;

---Dean Danforth, 2nd Lt.-- Field Egr.;

2.----Officers and NCO's on detached service to the Topogs:

---Elisha Bull, 1st Lt. -- Artillery Liaison;

---James Duarte, Orderly Sgt. -- Admin NCO / Field Supervisor;

---John Proctor, Sgt -- Wheel and Wagon-wright;

---Sidney Keeney, Corporal -- Field Supervisor;

---John Camden, Bvt. Corporal -- Field Supervisor - In Training;

3.----Government Contract Civilians:

---Mr. Dan Ponder, -- Blacksmith and Mill-wright;

---Mistress Maureen Danforth -- draughtswoman;

---Mistress Christine Allen, -- Field Artist;

---Mistress Lynn Breton-Jermaine -- Clerk;

4.----Members not present;

---Del Van Gorder, 1st Lt. -- Field Engineer, Mill-wright;

Del has just reurned from Iraq i the last two weeks and could not make the =

trip from Washington D.C.

---Jack Salisbury, Sgt-Major; -- Senior Field Supervisor, Mill-wright;

Jack has been working some extensve overtime in the last few months and ask=

ed to be excused to get some much needed rest.

---Welles Fargo, Corporal; -- Field Supervisor In Training, Experienced Te=

amster and frieght-wagon driver.

Welles is in the process of moving and is taken up with making arrangements=

for that activity.

-----Campaign Schedule

@@@ -- New England Brigade Events;

### -- Fort Nathan Hale Working Parties, New Haven=

, Ct;

+++ -- Additional Events of Interest

Event Listing
---+++ Civil War Swap Meet -- Uxbidge, MA --contact:-- Bob Burbank, =, (508) 278-5713 -- (notes:=

10 A.M. to 4 P.M.; $1.00 admission, Tables $10.00 each, must be =


---### Fort Nathan Hale Working Party (Fort Hale Restoration Project -=

- FNHRC) --April 17, Storm Date (SD) April 18 -- New Haven , CT, (dir=

ections upon request);

---### FNHRC Work Party -- June 9, SD-June 10;

---@@@ Jackson Valley Campaign -- June 19-20 -- Torrington, CT;

---### FNHRC Work Party -- June 30, SD-July 1;

---### FNHRC Work Party -- July 9-10 -- Platform Work;

---@@@ Fort Warren -- July 17-18 -- Boston Islands, MA;

---### FNHRC Work Party -- Aug 7, SD-Aug 8;

---@@@ Fort Rodman -- Aug 14-15 -- New Bedford, MA;

---@@@ Oak Grove Farm -- Sept. 18-19 -- Millis, MA;

---+++ Norwichtown Green -- Sept. 18-19 -- Norwichtown , CT;

---@@@ Riverbend Farm -- Oct. 2-3 -- Uxbridge, MA;

---+++ Smith-Harris House -- Oct. 2-3 -- East Lyme, CT.

-----New Members

The five new members were introduced and given some document handouts for T=

opographical Engineers relating to the parts they will play in the Unit. In=

formaion regarding persona, period dress, accoutrements, and weapons were di=

scussed. References were made available for notation. Kit requirements and=

display models were discussed and provided for review

-----Old Business

Previous members were issued sets of maps and plans for thier portfolios. C=

onflicting dates and events were discussed and some determinations made. Th=

ose engineers who had attended repeat events in previous years provided verb=

al event reviews for those who had not attended. Some discussion about Unit=

expectatons regarding individual members specialties within the Topog Engin=

eers and providing some physical evidence of that specialty interest for the=

unit was offered. Insurance / dues were collected, and questions were answ=

ered about all aspects of being an engineer, and the coming planned events. =

Several Events of local interest were also mentioned. These local events w=

ill be the subject of a following events list for those who may be intereste=



A very delicious and tempting "pot-luck luncheon" was enjoyed by all. Each =

engineer brought his or her specialty, which made the repast that much more =

interesting and very good!!!!!

The meeting was very productve in my view and those whom I have talked with=

since the meeting have indicated that they enjoyed the meeting very much. =

However, in the future, the Engineers will have to move to other quarters fo=

r meetings as the registered numbers of the Topogs in this unit is too many =

to be comfortable in this house.

Very Respectfully Submitted by;

Your Most Heedful and Unswerving Servant;

Bvt. Lt. Col. Ian McKay

(aka: Jim Mathews)


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