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Fort Restoration Com. Meeting Minutes

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Note:  Underlined months have minutes posted, others will be posted as minutes are taken at future meetings.

February 2004

Engr's FNHRC Report -- Feb. 2004

--Jim Mahews and John Proctor picked up the lumber offered by Harry Townsend to be used toward the building of the Gunade Carriage;

--Jim Mathews asked Harry to have all the maps and drawings previously catalogued moved out to the auxilery building, and a tabl set up on the upper floor to continue with the sorting and catelouging ofmaps, plans, and artifacts;

--Jim Mathews and John Proctor visited McKenzie Machine and offered their thanks for the work undertaken on the Cannon capscrews. They left some rough sketches there for iron items for the small Gunade Carriage. They were asked to look over the sketches and determie if they could do
the work, and what is would cost.

--Jim asked for a $100 stipend to be offered for the possible attendsnce of an artillery unit, and a further $100 stipend offered for the Quoketaug Rangers. Both stipends for attendance at the June 26 "British Invasion" Event at Fort Hale. These requests were approved. Jim offered 5 period uniforms for anyone wishing to be a part of the garrison group on June 26th. Jim aso itends to contact some Continental Naval units for possible attendance as well.

--Additional wood has been ordered for the small gun carriage, and it should be delivered shortly. He will hope to get the iron spikes for the gun platform at Savage's Hardware in Norwich, CT at a reasonable price.

--There will be an T. Engineering meeing on Feb. 14th at which the engineering schedule for Fort hale will be determined in 2004. The copied map of the original "British Invasion" drawn by a spectator has een sent to the printer.

--Jim mentioned a meeting attended at Fort Trumbull (New London)which involved discussions about a State -Historical Commision to be established around the Rev War attacks and battlegrounds in Conn. He talked with the Fort Trumble Ranger and will attempt to get the City Park of Fot Hale incuded in the Commission.

--Jim asked hat in order to b clear on what we refer to in addressing reaurs to each of the two Fort Hale Bridges, we should refer to the small bridge as a "utility" bridge, and the larger one as the "drawbridge." In regards to the "utility" bridge he reports that the surface layer of concrete on he bridge is badly cracked and the culvert beneath it may well be broken as well. He recommends that this concern be made the FNHRC's first priority for repair. A motion was passed to approve this. Mr.Townsend will look into the bridge repair concern and get a price estimate.

--A motion was passed to accept John Proctor as a FNHRC Board Member. The T. Engineers now have three members on the FNHRC Board; James
Duarte, John Proctor, and Jim Mathews.

Respectfully Submitted
Jim Mathews
Fort Hale Engineer

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March 2004

 FNHRC Engrs. Report -- March, 2004

--I attended the "British Invasion" Mtg. on March 2 at the Townsend home. My part of this event is as the Garrison Commander for Black Rock Fort. To that end I made the following comments:

•I have confirmed one artillery crew who will serve at the fort throughout the morning of June 26 (9:00 A.M.), and fire several times to provide spectators with the aspect of a gun crew in action;

•I have offered to talk with area schools in uniform with or without the current video as the ommittee shall make arrangements. By the same token I have offered to make an advertising video for the event if those arrangements can be made;

•Offers to the Quoketaug Rangers, Topographical Engineers, Naval Marine Living History Association, and West Haven volunteers / reenactors and others to join us for ths event in Fort Hale. It is a one day event from 9:00 A.M to approximately 4:00 P.M. with a complimentary meal at days end.

•With the finalizing of the Event Schedule more will be promulgated here. The next meeting is the first Tuesday in April.

--All lumber supplies for the Small Gun carriage project have been delivered and are now at John Proctor's house waiting the approval of the carriage design to be submitted.

--A model of the gun carriage was submitted to the Board for thier approval. The model has ben approved. Construction will now be scheduled.

--The following engineering work party schedule forFort Nahan Hale was submitted and accepted:

•April17 (Storm Date --18) This date is tenative due to the utility bridge repair being considered. See below;

•June 9 (S. D.10);

•June 30 (S, D. July 1);

•August 7 (S.D. 8);

•earler the dates of July 10 - 11 had been selected as a two day weekend work party for the re-laying of the gun platform.However a late offer to be a part of an event at Fort Adams on that date has resulted in a possible rescheduling of that work weekend. Twomember of the engineers have already indicated a desire to do the Fort Adams event ad I am waiting to hear from the remainder of the unit.

--The following work plan for the above working parties was requested and is hereby offered. The following projects will be scheduled based on weather, manpower and available special tools and power:

•Build seven more double bunks for a total of eight. Six to be built in Bombproof #1 which will be turned into a barracks unit.

•Build six more benches;

•Build one large table;

•Finish the Bombproof #2 Shelving;

•Finish curtain rod, canvas curtains and shaft door-covers;

•Re-hang Southern Interior door in Bombproof #2;

*Build an inside locking device for the Interior doors;

•Replace wooden batten and planking in the North and South passageways to Bunker #2;

•Design and build a concrete block for the stove in Bombproof #2;

•Clear the chimney in Bomproof #2 and design and build a removable=lockable cover for the chimney pipe.

•Design and lay a wooden floor in 1/3rd of Bombproof #2 on the bay end;

•Seek out a woodturner to convert the large wooden column post ino two small wooden cannon barrels;

•Reseal the following with water sealing compound or paint:

•The withdrawing bridge;

•All existing furniture;

•All existing wooden bombproof elements;

•Upper Coastal Gun Carriage;

•Gun Platform and Wall.

•Lay a pea-gravel floor in bombproof #1.

--Utility Bridge Repairover the moat at Fort Hale. The bridge concrete "cap"has broken and the central supporting internal portion of the bridge has broken and fallen into the moat. This creates a dangerous situation and must be remedied immediately. The New Haven Parks Department has agreed to a temporary fix using heavy steel plate to cover and reenforce the bridge structure. However, cosiderindering the Parks workload this may not be campleted by mid-April.

The permanent fix which will be ,of course,a more involved affair consists of replacing the precast concrete pipe in the base of the bridge, using rock fill as a leadin to the bridge proper on both ends, and pouring a reenforced concrete capover the concrete pipe conduit.

--Four primary repairs needed to the fort at present are:

•Utility Bridge Repair;

•Parking Lot Draiage;

•Landward side Bridge abutment repair and strengthening for the Civil War Restored Bridge

•Coastal Gun Platform Re-Structuring;

•Lower Coastal Gun Carriage Construction.

Respectfully Submitted;

Jim Mathews
Fort Nathan Hale Engineer

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